The EasyH2O Reverse Osmosis water filter system will turn your standard quality tap water into pure, clear, fresh great tasting water, free from any unwanted contaminants.

What will it do to my water?
The reverse osmosis system with its 6 stages of filtration will remove the following unwanted contaminants from your water (%):
Sodium 99 Calcium 99 Magnesium99 Potassium 98 Iron 99 Manganese99 Aluminium 99 Ammonium97 Copper 99 Nickel 99 Zinc 99 Strontitan 99 Cadmium 99 Silver 98 Mercury 98 Barium 99 Chromium 99 Lead 99 Chloride 99 Bicarbonate98 Nitrate 97 Fluoride 98 Silicate 98 Phosphate 99 Chromate 99 Cyanide 95 Sulphate 99 Thiosulfate 99 Ferro cyanide97 Bromide 98 Borate 50 Arsenic 99 Selenium 99 Bacteria 99 Protozoa 99 Amoebic Cysts99 Giardia 99 Asbestos 99 Sediment/Turbidity99 Perfluorooctane Sulphonate (PFOS) 99 Bacteria Virus
It will not put anything IN to your water.

How does it work?
Your water will be diverted from your cold water pipe ,wherever you situate the RO system, into a series of 4 filters and a membrane. It will then pass through a 15L pressurized tank and finaly be dispersed thorough an Ultra Violet Steriliser before it arrives at the separate tap by your sink.
The five stages of RO filtration are as follows.
The first filter is a 5 micron polypropylene filter which removes sediments and metals above 5 micron.
The second is a carbon filter which will remove chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, lead, aluminium, hormones, taste and odour from your water.
Filter number three is a 1 micron polypropylene filter which will remove all remaining sediments, metals and particles above 1 micron. The fourth stage of filtration is the finest part of the filtration process.
The water is forced through the membrane and separated into pure and un-pure water. The un-pure water, approx 70%, is sent to waste and the pure water moves on to the final stage of the process…. ..a final carbon filter.
This filter adds the finishing touch to your water making it crystal clear. Final 6th Stage Ultra Violet Filtration

How big is it?
The dimensions of the filter unit are: 480 mm height 350 mm width 175 mm depth
The dimensions of the 15 L tank are: 350 mm height 275 mm width 275 mm depth

Like all of the EasyH2O products, this system is a basic DIY job, it requires no plumbing. Comes complete with water filter tap, easy to use self-piercing valve, and all fittings necessary for immediate installation.
Full instructions provided.
12 Month Warranty
Complete filter replacements from £30

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