Counter Top Water Distiller


Counter Top Water Distiller


Water distiller 
Compact and portable 
It is a lightweight, easy to store and ideal to take along on trips. Fresh and purified water, 
no matter where you are. All you need is water and electricity. Ditch, rain or 
contaminated tap water, you can use it all to make your familiar distilled water. Because 
there is no complicated installation or connection to the water needed you can take it 
along everywhere. Just simply fill the kettle with water, push on the start button and 
before you know you’ll have the freshest water you ever had. 

The water distiller makes use of steam distillation with an active carbon filter in order to 
remove the last pollutants from the water, which ensures optimal and clean water. He 
automatically switches off when he’s finished. The residues remain in the boiler, which 
easily can be cleaned. 

The only way to get the purest water is by applying steam distillation with a water 
distiller. Distilled water is 99.8% pure. By using a water distiller you’ll obtain water that is 
purer than by using any other filter method. 



4 liter per cycle+/- 4,5uur 

750 Watt 

Complete stainless steel interior 

Switches off automatically when finished 

CE approved 

Weight 3,5 Kg 

Dimensions: 20 cm (b) & 36 cm (h)

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