Delta Non Electric Meter Controlled Water Softener NFK


Possibly one of the most eco-friendly and efficient softeners in the world.

Compact Design High impact case Non-Electric Valves can be sited to left, Right or rear of machine Fits easily under most kitchen sinks

Non-electric water softeners work on a hardness range and in order to cut down production costs most manufacturers only produce softeners for 3 or 4 different settings, which can only be adjusted by them. This has a great disadvantage because if you have a water hardness of say 250 ppm you will receive the same softener as somebody who has a hardness of 400 ppm, this means that a machine in an area below 400ppm will regenerate more often than it needs to, costing you in salt and wastewater.
Our machine has a simple dial that allows you to set the hardness for your area, this means you are able to set the machine to the exact hardness within your region and also adjust the setting should you move home. This function is not available with other non-electric water softeners, unless you undertake the expense and inconvenience of either sending the machine back to the manufacturers, or waiting for an engineers visit.
Electronically controlled softeners usually regenerate once a day at 2am, which means that they have to allow, a margin of error of 24 hours capacity, which means that they can regenerate a day early every time. That’s a lot of wasted water and salt over a year.
Our Machine only takes 10-15 minutes to regenerate therefore it will regenerate only when the softener has reached its full capacity. This makes your water and salt consumption more efficient than any other softener on the market.
During regeneration the machine automatically switches to bypass mode, which means that it will supply the property with hard water if there is a demand during its regeneration. The fact that the machine regenerates for such a short amount of time means that any hard water that enters your system during regeneration will be instantly treated as soon as the softener comes back on line.
The softener has been designed in such a way as to make every function as easy as possible. The softener is supplied with a built in by pass valve which means that if you want to you can adjust the softness of the water (oddly some people find soft water too soft !).
The bypass valve and the snap fitting means that in case of maintenance, you can remove the softener without using any tools!
Not all installations are the same, that’s why our machine comes with valves that can be sited on the rear, left or right hand side of the softener. And better still you don’t even need to tell us before you order.
How Big is it ?
Height 483mm
Width 241mm
Depth 461mm Allow 77mm for valves connection (either side or rear)
Connection 3/4 inch
Working Pressure 2-6 bar
Capacity @ 200ppm 750 litres (no restrictions on regens per day)
salt used per regen 300gr
Water used per regen 16 - 20 litres dependant on incoming pressure.

All our softeners require either tablet or block salt.

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