GE Autotrol Logix Semi Commercial 30 ltr Softener RRP £995.00 +KIT


Easy to install Semi Commercial water softener comes complete with 15mm fitting kit easy to follow installation manual. This water softener can easily cope with the most demanding of water systems and households. The softener can produce around 6500 litres of water before it needs to clean it self.
How does a softener work?
All softeners work in basically the same way, the incoming water enters the softener through a tank of ion exchange resin. This resin then traps all the hard minerals that create lime scale soft water then enters your water system. Unfortunately this resin is unable to do this indefinitely and needs to clean itself. This cleaning process is called regeneration. During regeneration water is mixed with salt to create a brine solution this solution is then washed through the resin and the trapped minerals are flushed away. The resin is then able to continue cleaning the incoming water until it needs to perform its cleaning process again.

What does meter control mean? Our meter control softeners perform regenerations based purely on the amount of water that you use. By continually monitoring your water usage this machine is able to learn about your usage and performs regeneration based upon this information. Regeneration will normally take place at 2 am thus ensuring that water is unlikely to be used during a regeneration programme.

What happens if I use water during regeneration? Some companies would have you believe that this would be a disaster this is very far from the truth. Should you happen to be up at 2am and maybe flush the toilet for example! The softener will supply hard water into the property. Our water softeners are able to treat an entire property of any existing scale build up within a few months. If you where to use water during a regeneration programme our softener will treat this water as soon as the regeneration is complete. This machine is possibly the most cost effective semi commercial unit available in the UK. Its meter control means that it is efficient in salt usage. It can easily cope with a household from 1 to 20 people It can operate on any water system including mega flow type systems. It stores all data in the event of a power cut. It is durable It has a five-year warranty!

How Big is It ?
Height 1006mm
Depth 316mm
Width 559mm

What’s the tech spec ?
6500Ltr per cycle Capacity per regen at 300ppm hardness
Salt used per regeneration 3KG
Water used per Regeneration 251 litres
65% Salt efficiency
Peak flow at 2 bar pressure drop 85 litres / min
Rated service flow at 1 bar pressure drop 30 litres / min
1.9 1/ min Maximum flow rate to drain
Capacity 30ltr Resin tank
75 kg salt storage
Connections Inlet/Outlet 3/4" Bsp male parallel
Overflow 1/2" Hose connector
Drain 1/2" tubing
Max operating Pressure 8 bar (116 p.s.i ) M
in Operating Pressure 1 bar (14.5 p.s.i )
Max water temperature 30 degree C
Min water temperature Protect from freezing
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All our softeners require either tablet or block salt.

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