Large Home or Industrial Descaling System


Another of our easy DIY water treatment systems requiring no plumbing what so ever.
Simply coil the wires around your copper or plastic pipe and plug in.
No maintenance required.
Suitable for a Large home and industrial applications and pipe sizes up to 3" Diameter.

The easy water electronic descaler uses low frequency radio waves to suspend the scale forming particles in your water, preventing them from bonding together and attaching to any surfaces they come into contact with, as lime scale. The device fits on the rising main in order to treat the whole property.
Unlike a water softener, an electronic descaler does not put anything into your water nor take anything out of it. Once installed, our descaler will get to work at breaking down the existing scale in your pipe work and appliances. You will no longer have scale stains around your sinks, taps, bath, showerhead, and anything else your water comes into contact with. Your washing machine, dishwasher, kettle and iron will all see the benefits of being scale free. With a descaler you will save on any cleaning products previously needed to clean the scale off surfaces and appliances. You will also need to use less detergents, shampoos etc as your water will lather up far more easily, so your skin and hair will also benefit. What’s more, you will most likely see a drop in your electricity bill as scale build up in your pipe work and radiators makes your boiler system work a lot harder.

How big is it?
240 x 230 x 65mm

Hermetically sealed in high impact enclosure.
Advanced computerised electronics.
BS 3535 low voltage electrical safety.
Includes 9 volt Transformer
Manufactured to CE standards.
Warranty - Five year warranty.
Conforms to BS3535

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