Merlin Tankless Reverse Osmosis RRP £525.00


The MERLIN Tankless Reverse Osmosis system can provide more than 2700 litres (630 Gallons) pure, scale and chemical-free water over a 24 hour period.
The MERLIN is a compact unit that can easily be fit under the sink requiring no storage tank so water is supplied directly to your tap.
The unit can easily be installed by a DIY enthusiast and is supplied with a separate chrome filter tap. For DIY connection to a 15mm cold water copper pipe you can purchase the Oppella Valve (please see offers above.)
The MERLIN Reverse Osmosis is also suitable for purifying water for Aquariums as well as light commercial applications i.e. for window cleaning as it produces sparkling clear, streak-free water on demand.

What does the MERLIN Reverse Osmosis unit remove from your tap water?

Typical % removal rates: Sodium 99 Calcium 99 Magnesium99 Potassium 98 Iron 99 Manganese99 Aluminium 99 Ammonium97 Copper 99 Nickel 99 Zinc 99 Strontitan 99 Cadmium 99 Silver 98 Mercury 98 Barium 99 Chromium 99 Lead 99 Chloride 99 Bicarbonate98 Nitrate 97 Fluoride 98 Silicate 98 Phosphate 99 Chromate 99 Cyanide 95 Sulphate 99 Thiosulfate 99 Ferro cyanide97 Bromide 98 Borate 50 Arsenic 99 Selenium 99 Bacteria 99 Protozoa 99 Amoebic Cysts99 Giardia 99 Asbestos 99 Sediment/Turbidity99 Perfluorooctane Sulphonate (PFOS) 99

How Big is it?

Height 433 mm
Length 517 mm
Depth 246 mm

What filters stages does the MERLIN use?
1st Stage: Merlin Sediment filter
2nd Stage: Water is pushed through 2 Merlin membranes that separate the pure H20 from the contaminated H20. The contaminated water, approx 70%,is then sent down the drain while the pure water is passed onto the final filtration stage.
Final Stage: Water passes through a final carbon fillter and flows to its destination.

What's the tech spec?
Permeate Flow Rate Min 1.5 LPM Max 3.78 LPM @ 80F
TDS Rejection Min 90% Max 99%
Max Daily production rate 2700 Litres Per Day UK Water
Inlet Pressure required Min 40 PSI Max 80 PSI

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Merlin Pre Filter
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