Pallas Duo Duplex Water Softener with Free 15mm Fitting Kit



What does this mean, Duplex?
Duplex means that this Softener has two resin tanks, both 6 litres. This special feature makes it unique from the rest. It means that the softener will never allow hard water into your system.

How does a Duplex differ from a single resin tank softener?
With a single resin tank softener there will always be a short break in its supply of soft water when it comes to perform its cleaning process. With the Duplex, once one of the resin tanks has reached its softening capacity, the machine will automatically switch to use the second resin tank, the first tank will then clean itself using softened water provided by the other tank. Meanwhile, your property will continue to receive softened water.

What does meter control mean?
This softener not only provides you with unlimited softened water but being a metered softener also saves you on salt and water used during the cleaning process. Our meter control softeners perform regenerations based purely on the amount of water that you use,(requires connection to electrical supply via 3 pin plug which is supplied.) By continually monitoring your water consumption this machine is able to learn about your usage and performs regeneration based upon this information.

What are its other added benefits?
Our Duplex Metered Softener is >Attractive in design >Has a slide lid so that salt may be added with ease >Has a simple electronic control inbuilt on the softener >Has a digital meter connected to the electronic control >Compact

How big is it? 
Height 520mm,
Length 420mm 
Width 310mm
this softener can be fitted under most kitchen sinks

What’s the Tech Spec?
Resin Volume: 2 x 6 L
Control: electronic
Water used per regen 40L
Salt used per regen 1kg
Capacity between regens 800L @ 300ppm
Inlet/Outlet: ¾” Drain: ½”
Nominal flow rate: 1,2 m3/h
Peak flow rate: 3,0 m3/h
Electrical rating: 24V- 50hz
Working Pressure: 1,8 to 8,5 Bar
Working Temperature: 1°C to 40°C
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All our softeners require either tablet or block salt.

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