Scale Stop Whole House with 15mm Fitting Kit


For years, water softeners have been virtually the only means of treating hard water.

Other alternatives including magnets, electromagnets, RF devices and catalysts have been available but haven’t proved to be effective.

Technology Breakthrough

A recent development, Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) has produced the first effective chemical-free scale prevention method. Based on TAC technology, ScaleStop converts hardness minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic crystals.

Tested and Proven

Tested by an independent laboratory against the international protocol for scale prevention, ScaleStop achieved a 99.6% effectiveness rating – the only technology to do so and far more effective than any other water softener alternative. Proven in over 6 years of successful use in homes and businesses.


• Protection from scale throughout the house.

• No salt, chemicals or electricity required.

• Long lasting media-not consumed by the reactions.

• Preserves beneficial mineral content.

• No slimy soft-water feel.

pH 6.5 to 8.5

Flow Rate 20 LPM

Hardness, max. 75 grains (1300 ppm CaCO3)

Temperature 41 to 140° F (5-60° C)


Iron 0.3 mg/l

Manganese 0.05 mg/l

How Big is It ?

Tank Size
Height 480mm
Width 210mm

15mm Fitting Kit Supplied
Inlet / Outlet Valve
Bypass Valve
Non Return Valve
2  x 15mm Hoses

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