The Benefits:
Purify your water
Rejuvenate your skin.
Restore your hair's natural shine and lustre.
Avoid stinging and burning eyes.
Reduce respiratory problems.
Enjoy smoother, softer skin.
Reduce skin rashes.
Reduce sinus irritation.
Have healthier hair.

 Chlorine can make your hair dry and sensitive skin itchy. Filtering Drinking and bathing Water is a must for those who suffer with skin disorders or skin sensitive to chemicals.

 This shower filter uses a filtering medium called KDF 55. This golden sand is made of a special high purity copper and zinc alloy which removes, Cholrine. Iron. Arsenic. Mercury. Dirt. Sedment. Odors.

 All Filters are fitted with Anti Bacterial Carbon. Purchase this Shower Filter today and start enjoying the benefits of pure filtered water in your shower.

No Fitting  tools required. Install in minutes. Fits existing shower arm.

 The Filter will last up to 12 months. Capacity 8000 Gallons.

 HOW BIG IS IT? Diameter 9 cm Length 13 cm. May not function under low water pressure conditions.

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