Twin Tank Non Electric Meter Softener + Kit +salt


Includes Free 15mm fitting kit & FREE Salt Starter pack

Easy to install domestic water softener comes complete with easy to follow installation manual. Soft water 24/7
The Twin Tank Non Electric Meter Water Softener provides an uninterrupted supply of soft water 24/7. This is made possible by having two softening tanks, whilst one is regenerating the other is still working to soften your water. So no matter how much your usage varies, you'll always have soft water.
Fits under the kitchen sink At just 485mm high, the Softener will easily fit under the kitchen sink - in fact, it was specifically designed with this in mind. The softening tanks have been designed to maximize the available space, whilst still being small enough to fit under the sink. Uses less salt It also uses much less salt because thanks to the automatic metering, the softening tanks only regenerate exactly when they need to. This can save you up to 40% on running costs.
No programming/electrics The Softener has been designed to work solely off the power of your water supply. There are no timers, computers or manual adjustments to be concerned with. What's more, there is no electrical feed so power cuts are of no concern.

This Product comes with a 12 Months manafacturers warranty.

How Big Is It
Height 485mm
Width 250mm
Depth 440mm
What’s the tech spec ?
up to 508 per Tank cycle Capacity per regen at 200ppm hardness
Salt used per regeneration 350g
65% Salt efficiency
Peak flow at 2 bar pressure drop 50 litres / min
Rated service flow at 1 bar pressure drop 30 litres / min
1.9 1/ min Maximum flow rate to drain
16 Minutes Maximum Regeneration Time
Capacity 2x 4.3ltr Resin tanks
15 kg salt storage
Connections Inlet/Outlet 3/4" Bsp male parallel
Overflow 1/2" Hose connector
Drain 3/8" O.D tubing Max operating
Pressure 8 bar (116 p.s.i )
Min Operating Pressure 1 bar (14.5 p.s.i )
Max water temperature 30 degree C
Min water temperature Protect from freezing 

Comes with 15mm fitting kit FOC
All our softeners require either tablet or block salt.

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