Ultra Violet Water Filter 48LPM


How does It Work ?
High doses of UV light at a wavelength of 254 nanometer is produced from a low pressure mercury vapour discharge lamp, this passes through the water as it travels through the filter and destroys the cell structure of the microbes leaving your water free from contamination. The unit is designed for a flow rate of 48 litres a minute,perfect for drinking and cooking water.

The maximum pressure is 10 BarG (140psi) and it is tested to 15 BarG.
The power ratings are 220/240 VAC 15w
The chamber is made of 304 stainless steel , making it extremely durable, and is 900mm in length and 64mm in depth.
The standard connection is opposed BSP female thread.

We recommend the use of a particle filter, about 5 micron pre sediment should do the trick, in front of the UV filter, this will eliminate particles which might inhibit the transmittence of UV light.

Installation is simple and once fitted requires very little maintainence, because of the quality of our products and components the lamp only needs replacing once a year.
An easy solution for your dirty water.

How Big Is It ?
Length 900mm x depth 64mm
Technical Specification Flow Rate: 48lt/m drinking water
power ratings 220/240VAC
Max Pressure 10 BarG (140psi) Test Pressure 15BarG
Chamber Construction 304 Stainless Steel Standard Connection - opposed 3/4" BSP male Thread

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