Upgrade to 2 year filter


Our 2 year/ 30,000L High Flow Water Filter fits comfortably under your kitchen sink. And is compatible with any 3/8" water system The ‘Easy Water’ filter contains Silver impregnated carbon which prevents bacteria growth.

What Does It Take out of the Water ? Total Chlorine Taste Odour Lead Aluminium Iron Pesticides Herbicides Hormones (such as oestrogen) Nitrates Trihalomethanes Manganese Once installed, you will notice an improved taste and clearness to your water and what's more, you will have peace of mind in knowing that it is cleaner and healthier for you and your family. Technical Silver impregnated activated carbon media Internal micron filtration screens Advanced multi-stage filtration system High Pressure cylindrical body Push-fit connectors 3/8 inch Max pressure 9 bar (126 PSI) Warranty 2 years/ 30,000Ltr

How big is it ? 360 x 120mm (about the size of a two litre drinks bottle)

* only available in conjunction with a three way tap purchase.

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