Whole House Filter with 15mm Fitting Kit RRP £595


Treat the water in your entire property with our Whole House Water Filter.
For a fresh, uncontaminated water supply to your shower, bath, washing machine, dish washer and to every tap throughout the property, this 550,000L water filter is just what you need.

What exactly does the filter do to my water?

The filter will remove the following unwanted contaminants from your water: Total chlorine, taste, odour, pesticides, herbicides, lead, aluminium, PCB’s, copper, hormones, trihalomethanes. The filter does not put anything IN to your water.

How does it work?
The filter is filled with Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) media. When the water passes through the filter, all impurities are absorbed by this media and therefore remain in the filter. The treated water is then forced through a screen and is delivered to its destination.

Where do I install the filter?
In order to treat the whole property, you will position the filter on your mains treated cold water supply where it enters the property.

How do I install the filter? As all EasyH2O products prove to be, the Whole House Filter has been designed for straightforward installation. The filter is provided with a standard 15mm fitting kit which contains everything you will need to install the filter onto your rising main. If you require 22mm Fitting kit please refer to the fittings available in our softener section

How big is it?
The dimensions of the Whole House Water filter are: 215mm in diameter X 560mm tall.

And how long will my filter last?
The filter is capable of treating up to 550,000L of water. In terms of time, for a family of 4, the filter will last up to 18 months. Easy H2O suggest the filter be changed every 18 months.

How can I replace my Whole House Filter?
The change over procedure we operate at EasyH2O has proved to be very quick and effective. Once the 18 months is up, we contact you by email to let you know, and, if of course you wish to replace your filter (which we are confident you will) we send out a replacement GAC filled filter tank for the same price as your original one. The actual price of the filter replacement is £180 so on receipt of your old filter we will automatically refund you with the difference to cover the cost of the filter tank and postage so you will only pay £180, that’s £10 a month to treat your whole property with fresh, great tasting, uncontaminated sparkling water. If you wish to replace your filter before 18 months, just send us an email and we will have one sent to you. You simply replace the used filter with the new one (all instructions will be provided) and send the old filter back to us. We recommend that you drain the filter first.

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